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Absentee / Mail-in Ballots

Voters unable to get to the polls on election day are eligible to vote by paper absentee ballot. You must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Due to advanced age, disability, illness or medical emergency
  • You are a member of the armed forces (residing outside of your county or deployed)
  • You are a dependent of a member of the armed forces (residing outside of your county)
  • You are a student attending school outside the county of your voter registration
  • You temporarily reside outside the state, but are still eligible to vote in Kentucky
  • You are incarcerated in jail and have been charged, but have not been convicted
  • Your employment causes your absence all hours and all days, that absentee voting is allowed at the County Clerk’s Office.
  • If you are in need of an absentee ballot sent to you electronically please contact

You may request an application in person, by mail, by phone or by fax. The application must be completed and returned to the County Clerk prior to 7 days before the election. Once the clerk receives the application, the paper ballot will be sent to the voter.

Walk-in Voting

Walk-in Absentee Voting for the General Election instructions WAYS TO VOTE IN 2020 GENERAL ELECTION.pdf  To qualify, a registered voter must meet at least one of the following:

  • Any person who shall be absent from the county on election day.
  • Military personnel and their dependents and overseas citizens.
  • Military personnel confined to base who learned this within seven (7) days of less of an election.
  • Students and residents who temporarily reside outside the country.
  • Voter’s who have surgery that will require hospitalization on election day. This also extends to the voters spouse.
  • Voter’s who change their place of residence to a different state while registration books are closed in the new state (for Presidential Election Only)
  • Women in their last trimester of pregnancy.
  • Alternate precinct officers.
  • County Board of Election members and staff, Deputy county clerk, and State Board of Elections staff.

Medical Emergencies

The following qualify:

  • Voter with a medical emergency occurring within fourteen (14) days of the election
  • Spouse of the person with a medical emergency

Election Officers

  Election Officers are selected by both the Democratic and Republican Parties of the County. A list is submitted each year to our local party with the names of those individuals that have worked in the past and anyone that has shown a desire to work for the first time. Each party signs off on the list after making any changes and returns the list by March 15th to the County Board of Elections. The Board then fills the positions in each Precinct with the names submitted. They try to keep individual Election Officers in their Voting Precinct when possible. The law requires each Election Officer to be trained before each Election. Election Officers are paid $130.00 for training and Election Day. If you would like to become an Election Officer or would like more information, contact Jason Denny at 502-839-3041.