Board of Elections

Anderson County Board of Elections

Appointed members serve four year terms or until their successors are appointed by the State Board of Elections from list submitted from the Executive Committees of each party. The County Clerk and Sheriff serve a four year term. The board meets once at month at the County Clerk’s Office. Meetings take place on the 1st Friday of each month at 8:30 at the County Clerks Office.

Currently serving on the Board of Elections

  • Bill Patterson (Republican)
  • Lynette Ross (Democrat)
  • Joe Milam (Anderson County Sheriff)
  • Jason Denny (Anderson County Clerk)

Duties of the Members

  • Administer Election Laws
  • Supervise registration and purgation of voters within the county
  • Assist in choosing precinct officers
  • Provide climate controlled storage for all voting equipment.
  • Establish a security plan for the voting equipment.
  • Provide written notice to each election officer of his / her appointment.
  • Establish Voting Locations that comply with KDC rules and regulations regarding accessibility.
  • Act at the direction and under the supervision of the State Board of Elections.

Election Officers

There are four election officers for each voting precinct. They serve as Clerk, Sheriff, and two Judges representing the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Responsibilities and Authority of All Precinct Officers

  • Open the polling place for voting by 6:00 a.m. local time
  • Assist in the opening, examination, and closing of the voting machines
  • Make certain that only qualified voters enter the voting machine to cast their ballots
  • Ensure that the election is conducted in the most fair and honest manner possible
  • Throughout the day, compare the face of the machine with the sample ballot to be sure that there has been no tampering with the machine
  • Ensure that the election laws are obeyed and that any potential violation is reported to the Precinct Sheriff for entry on the “Precinct Sheriff’s Post-Election Report” form (SBE53)
  • Contact the County Clerk, County Sheriff, or State Police to report any problems
  • Instruct voters, when requested, how to operate the voting machines (KRS 117.255(1)).
    • Do NOT enter the voting machine area after the voter has entered the voting booth.
    • Instructions should not contain any comments that would violate the electioneering Prohibition.
  • Instruct voters, when requested, how to cast a write-in vote (KRS 117.265(6)).
    • Two (2) election officers of opposing parties must instruct the voter.
  • Sign and return sheets and post election results at the polling place at the end of the day
  • Any precinct election officer may complete and sign the bottom portion of the Oath of Voter (SBE 32) form when it is used
  • Make sure that all voters that vote, sign the Precinct roster of Supplemental Roster and present identification if they are not know personally by at least one of the election precinct officers.

Any person appointed to serve as an election officer, who fails to serve, who was not excused shall be ineligible to serve as an election officer for five (5) years.

Be sure to visit the Kentucky State Board of Elections for more detailed information.